10 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Seem Larger

Bedroom Seem Larger

Sometimes, no matter how large a room is, it seems too small.  The trouble with a large room is that often it gets stuffed with things that should really not be in it – and that most interior designers like Australian wiz Sam Sorgiovanni would ban. The end result is that there is no room to move around and when you walk in, you can’t wait to get out again. If your bedroom is like that, here are some tips to make it seem larger.

  • Make sure the wall colours are light. Dark colours make a room seem really small and dim. Light colours reflect the light and make it seem larger. Note: light doesn’t mean neutral, even though those shades are usually light. You can have light aqua, light green, light yellow or light-almost-anything to get a larger effect.

  • Using monochromatic colour choices will also enlarge your space. Various shades of the same colour create a harmonious look and feel to a room, while if you use colours from the opposite ends of the colour chart it visually divides a room into segments.
  • Paint the trim a lighter colour than the wall to create an optical illusion of depth and make the walls seem further away. This includes the trim around the skirting boards, and ceiling as well as the window and door frames.
  • Using space saving furniture will increase your floor space. For instance, instead of a long, low dressing table, opt for a more narrow, higher one. You’ll get more drawer space as well as more floor space. Choose a bed with fairly long legs so you can fit things under it. That’s great storage space that is not always utilised.
  • In children’s bedrooms bunk beds can save lots of space, especially if they also incorporate storage, bookshelves or a desk.
  • Use transparent furniture. A glass top table and clear acrylic chair appear to take up little room because you can see through them.

  • Having long legs on the bedside table creates a sense of space as it frees up the floor. Taking away the bed skirt to show the legs of the bed can have the same effect.
  • Build shelving around the head of the bed. It’s great for storage and you can throw out the bookshelf.
  • Break the walls into thirds, with hanging art in the lower third and storage drawer reaching up to the top third. This creates a look of taller walls and spaciousness.
  • Mirrors are the ultimate item to create the illusion of more space. If you have built in wardrobes with sliding doors, make one or both of them a mirror. Try and ensure mirrors are opposite the windows to reflect more light and the view outside.