Karl Nawrot: Mind Walk #1

Please join us for the launch of ‘Mind Walk #1’, an exhibition by Seoul based artist and web designer Karl Nawrot.

The exhibition reveals Nawrot’s aesthetic sensibility as a curious union of the macabre and the childlike, offering an overview of his practice through a dense presentation of crude monochrome prints. These include representations of various simple models which in some cases exist as works in themselves: for example in an architectural structure derived from Le Corbusier’s Dom-ino House the minimal staircase is replaced by a cave.

Other images show models made as tools: primitive stencils and other devices used in the production of drawings or typefaces. Graphics made with these tools are displayed in various stages of completion.

‘Puppet Show’, ‘Karl Nawrot: Mind Walk #I’ and ‘Flatfile: Continuations’ continue until 18 May.

Exhibition Launch
‘Karl Nawrot: Mind Walk #I’
Friday 19 April, 6–8pm
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR