10 Healthy Living Tips You May Not have Thought About


Everyone wants to be healthy and enjoy their life – and there are many healthy living tips on the Internet and in women’s magazines. In fact, there are so many of the same old ones touted all the time we tend to get sick and tired of hearing them. So here are some lesser known tips that you may not have thought about for a long time.

  • Cut back on watching television. Studies have shown that people who watch two or less hours of television per day are 54% less likely to die from any cause than those who watch it for four or more hours. Must be all that sitting, unless you die of boredom from all those reruns.

  • Avoiding too much sun can cut down on your chances of getting cancer, but avoiding it too much will also make you ill from lack of vitamins A and D.
  • Being lonely can be as bad for your health as having high cholesterol or smoking. Everybody needs to have friends and social interaction in order to be healthy. Older people are especially likely to be lonely. So go pick up your mum and take her out for a coffee.
  • Drink wine – but no more than one glass a day. It’s good for your health, according to the experts. If you don’t like it, try a bunch of grapes instead.
  • Quit smoking – okay, that’s not lesser known, but quitting the habit can add years to your life, minimising changes of heart disease, lung cancer and so on. And just think of all the clothes you can buy with the money you save.
  • Have sex – it’s equivalent to running for 30 minutes, but not as boring. Besides boosting your immune system, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure it protects you from heart disease. And it’s fun.
  • Eating habits – yes, we’ve all heard how good it is for us to eat fruit and vegetables. However, leaving food on your plate is a good way to lose weight and so become healthier. Maybe leave some of the potatoes?
  • Have more fun – apart from sex. Fun is stimulating and makes you feel good. This produces endorphins that are good for the body.
  • Do some mind exercises each week; read a book, do some puzzles, learn something new. Mental health is all part of healthy living.
  • Cut back on stress. You can often suffer chronic stress from not addressing relationship or work problems. Addressing them may cause more stress in the short term, but if they can be resolved satisfactorily it will cut your stress in the long term. Seek help about the best ways to address such problems if you are not sure what to do or say.