Planning a wedding? Make sure you get a great DJ


Once you or your partner has popped the question, you have picked your engagement rings from Engagement Rings Perth, and have held your engagement party. Planning the actual wedding is an exciting time as you book a venue, decide on the guest list, choose the meal and drinks, pick your wedding rings, and do the hundred and one other things that must be attended to before the date arrives. But along with all the other organisation, don’t forget to that all-important wedding DJ. They need to be booked well ahead to ensure you are not left without DJ services.

Making sure you get a good DJ is essential. The DJ is the one who takes control of the proceedings and ensures it all goes off according to plan. You will need to give the DJ a list of happenings to tick off, so he knows what to say and when to say it. For instance, if you are having games at the reception, or doing the many traditional activities that many brides love to do, the wedding DJ will lead the guests and tell them what to expect.

Cutting the cake is a very traditional part of the reception, but if the DJ doesn’t alert everyone to when it is happening, those who are not near enough to see may miss it. Toasts are another part of the procedure, but again, people at the back who are intent on talking can miss them, especially if those speaking have quiet voices. They can quieten the crowd so that everyone can hear the speeches and generally take control when needed.

However, a great DJ will take control of all these things and make sure that every guest in the room knows what is about to happen. They will also let people know when it is time to sit and eat their meal and when it is time to get up and dance. They will play the appropriate music at the right times so that everyone who is there can have fun.

The DJ will know what time the venue is booked for and be able to ensure everything is done well before the cut-off time. They can also help to get lingering guests out the door at the end so your reception does not go over time. This is important for the venue if they have booked another reception after yours.

So you can see that the services of a great DJ go far beyond that of playing music, even though that too, is an important part of the job description. The DJ will have plenty of music so they can play what is appropriate for a wedding reception and your choice of music for the kind of reception you have planned. With a great DJ to help you out, your wedding reception is sure to be a great success that everyone enjoys and remembers.