How Air Conditioning Enhances Your Lifestyle


How do you cope with extreme cold or heat? Somehow, it seems easier to get warm in the winter than it does to get cool when the weather is extremely hot. In winter you can rug up in multiple warm layers, exercise to get warm or switch on the heater – or all three. But when the temperature is soaring and you wear minimal clothing you can still feel uncomfortably hot and sweaty unless you are lucky enough to have efficient air conditioning.

Even wearing all cotton clothing, shorts, tops with spaghetti straps and nothing on your feet it is still hot. When the heat goes on for weeks and months, it can leave you feeling lethargic and unable to be bothered with anything or anyone, especially when the nights are also hot. Hot nights make for restless sleeping – if you can get to sleep at all. Sleepless nights due to being uncomfortably hot can leave you searching for ducted air conditioning prices in the middle of the night.

Often it is not until the wee hours of the morning that you drop off to sleep, then the next morning you still have to get up early for work or to care for the children, so you feel more like something the cat dragged in than your usual energetic self.

Many older homes were never fitted with air conditioning when they were built. Nowadays, most new homes have it. The technology has improved dramatically over the latter years, with air conditioning units that are cost effective, efficient and easy to install. Reverse cycle air cons are especially useful to add that bit of warmth you need on a colder evening as winter approaches. And they are much safer than radiant heaters.

Having air conditioning really helps you to function in the hot weather. If the unit is a reverse cycle one, you get a lot more use out of it for the investment made. Happily, it is easy to have a reverse cycle split system retro-fitted your home, so even if you are not lucky enough to have a ducted air conditioning system you don’t have to go without. You’ll find a great deal of benefit with air conditioning and if you leave all the internal doors open and switch on fans as well, the cool air will gradually waft into the bedrooms and kitchen when needed.

The children will be happier in cooler temperatures, especially babies and toddlers who need to nap during the day. They will sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed instead of hot and sweaty. You can actually enjoy life once again, when you are not feeling hot enough to melt.

It’s important to keep the curtains closed over the windows on the sunny side of the house and make sure there are no gaps under external doors for the cool air to escape. During the day when the bedrooms and bathroom are not in use, close those doors to save on the cost of cooling a room you are not going to use for hours.