The Importance of Web Design

Imagine setting up a business in a building that looked old and scruffy, then hiding your office down a maze of corridors that were not very well lit. How many customers do you think you would get? And if a customer did eventually find their way to your office, would they want to come again, having seen the state of your building? It’s the same with web design trends, your website is your shop or office.

A website is there to attract customers to your business and if it doesn’t look smart and new, or if visitors find it hard to find what they want, they will stay away in droves. That is why it is important to have a website designed by professionals; they not only know how to make things attractive, but how to make your website easy to navigate. They make sure it loads quickly and is also attractive to search engines.

Why web design needs a professional

Most business people are good at what they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are also good at web design. Unless they have actually studied it, they are likely to make mistakes that will cost them in some way. This could be a loss of potential customers through non-conversion, visitors not signing up for the free offer simply because it took too long or they couldn’t work out how to do it, or a lack of traffic.

A lot of work goes into creating a good website and some of it is not obvious, at least to those who have little idea of what the best website design should include. It is not necessarily about having all the bells and whistles, but a website that is easy to navigate without any distractions from the main goal.

Getting attention from search engines

It is also important to attract the attention of the search engines in a way that is organic. If your website is never found it won’t matter how wonderful it looks or how easy it is to navigate; potential customers will not find you. Good web design includes SEO and SEM so that search engines will find it and bring it up to the first page for a search term that is used by your customers. That keyword must be used in the website, but it is also important to have it up in the top left column where the search engines can see it easily.

People are also attracted to the information they access first. Since they will read the text on your website from left to right and top to bottom, the same way they read a book, it is important to have the most relevant information in that position. That way visitors will find what they want quickly and stay on your website to become customers.