5 Awesome And Fun Team Building Games

5 Awesome And Fun Team Building Games

If there is one way to ensure that any team building exercise you facilitate is going to be successful then it is to ensure that is fun for those taking part. This can be achieved by using team building games from teamworksdevelopment.com.au rather than other activities as they not only can be fun, but they also help team members to bond and form a closer relationship.

For those of you who are concerned that you do not know of any team building games, please rest easy, as there are dozens of team. To get you started here are 5 of our favourite team building games which are proven to improve team spirit, trust, and togetherness.

The Human Knot

This is a fun game for between 8 and 20 participates. Everyone stands in a circle, and then they use their right hand to grab the hand of another. Then they use their left hand to grab another hand. Once they are all ‘tied together’, the team has to untangle the knot they are in without letting go of anyone. Skills required are communication and working together to solve the problem.

The Mine Field

This requires an even number of participants, and you will need a several small objects which you place on a random basis across the outdoor area you are using. The participants are split into pairs and one member of each pair is blindfolded.

Their teammate must guide them using only their voice across the area so that they do not step on any of the objects or ‘mines’. This is a great game for improving verbal and listening skills, plus it engenders a large degree of trust within each pair.