5 Ways Professional Landscapers Maximise Space In Residential Landscape Designs

One of the critical skills that landscapers have when creating a landscape design is that they can do so regardless of the amount of space available in the garden they are working on. Whilst extensive gardens have their challenges, it is when they have to create a landscape design within a garden with limited space that landscape designers genuinely earn their money.

That is not to say that smaller gardens are the only time landscapers make the most of the available space, which means that homeowners can get the maximum return on their investment, and the most pleasure from their garden, regardless of its size. Landscapers achieve this using several landscape design techniques, some of which we have outlined below.

Use The Vertical Space

Although a small garden may have finite space horizontally as defined by the garden’s outer boundaries, in most cases, that will not apply vertically, where, quite literally, the sky is the limit. This means that, where possible, a landscape design for a small garden should maximise vertical space wherever feasible.