All About that House Move

House Move

Packing your Possessions

If you have no time to pack, that’s not a problem. Reputable furniture removalists can be hired to do that. Will they take as much care as you? It depends on how explicit their instructions are. Will it cost more? Yes, of course. You pay for their time and the packing materials they will use.

Large electronic items, like that 6 foot LED TV, will be padded with blankets. It’s not a bad idea to have your breakables packed by professionals. If you opt for that, then you only have to pack your clothes, linen, personal items and books.

Clothing and Wardrobes Alternative

If you have freestanding wardrobes, it’s possible to leave your clothes in there as long as the weight is not too great to move safely. Same goes for dressers. If you decide with the removalists that this can be done, lock the doors and drawers, and tape or put rope around them so that doors and drawers don’t open causing damage during the transport. If you use rope, place cardboard at the corners to prevent the rope marking the timber.

Stop Damage to your valuables

It’s a natural thought that something will break during a move. There are steps though that can be taken to avoid this.