Dispelling The Myths That Bleach Can Be Used On Carpets

Dispelling The Myths That Bleach Can Be Used On Carpets

You hear of people doing many things, and to some, it will seem normal, and to others, it will simply beggar belief. This applies to millions of activities, and the one which we are going to examine now is carpet cleaning, specifically, the use of bleach to try and clean carpets or remove stains from them.

From the outset, we will say that this article will not teach you how to use bleach for carpet cleaning or stain removal for one very simple reason. That reason is that carpet cleaners do not recommend you use bleach for carpet cleaning and suggest that the further away from your carpets that you can keep bleach, the better it is.

If anyone reading this does not take our word for it, then perhaps they might like to refer to what almost every carpet manufacturer that exists recommends about the proper and safe cleaning of the carpets they produce. In all cases, they state that bleach should not be used as a carpet cleaner and, in most cases likely to damage it if that advice is ignored.

We are not writing this because we have nothing against bleach. It has many excellent cleaning properties, and when used properly, safely, and on specific surfaces, bleach is often the best cleaning product. However, when it comes to cleaning carpets, it most certainly is not.