How To Remove Makeup Stains From Your Carpets

How To Remove Makeup Stains From Your Carpets

In most households there will be people hurrying to get ready for  to work or to meet friends for a night out, and makeup is being applied, but due to frantic efforts to get ready in time, it accidentally ends up on the carpet. At that point carpet cleaning is likely to be the last thing on that person’s mind, and rather than dealing with it then, they leave it, with the intention of cleaning it up later.

How wise or not a decision that is, will depend on exactly what kind of makeup it is. As a rule of thumb, Carpet Cleaning Experts at would always recommend removing any substance which has been dropped or spilled onto the carpet as soon as possible. Whilst not every one of them is going to damage it immediately, there are plenty that will, so quick action is needed.

As we mentioned there are different kinds of makeup, and exactly what action you take is going to be dependent on which type it is. For this reason, we have looked at three of the most used makeup types and what you can do to mitigate the damage and prevent staining. These are nail polish, mascara, and lipstick.

Nail Polish

Being a liquid this is one of the worst types of makeup for carpets given that it can soak deep into the fibres. The first step is to try to blot up as much of the excess nail polish as you can, making sure that you do not rub outwards, which only spreads it. Any nail polish which remains can be removed using a colourless nail polish remover that contains no acetone or fragrance.

Place some on a damp cloth and then dab the stained area, but again, do not rub. Continue dabbing until all the nail polish appears to have been removed. Next, pour some warm water over the area, and dab again with a clean cloth or towel to remove any excess nail polish remover, and then allow the area to dry.


Crime of Burglary and The Penalties For Committing It

Crime of Burglary and The Penalties For Committing It

Many people are under the belief that burglary is a relatively simple crime to define and thereafter assume that all convicted burglars go to prison, but as any criminal lawyer will confirm, that is simply not how the law relating to burglary operates.

For a start, the definition of burglary is likely to come as a surprise to most people who have the misconception that burglary is simply someone breaking into a house and stealing something from it. That is far too simplistic a definition, and in reality, someone can be convicted of burglary, even if no items have been removed from the property.

If we focus on the definition as written in the law, the offence of burglary occurs when someone enters another person’s property, without their permission, and either commits a crime or is there with the intention to commit a crime.

This covers the act of entering with the intention of stealing property, but not actually doing so, with the obvious example being that they are discovered or caught before they had the chance to actually steal anything.

In order for someone to be convicted of burglary, the police must prove that they did so, and there are specifics which the law says must be proven. The most obvious one is that the accused had entered a property that belonged to someone else. The police must also show at the trial that the accused had no permission to be there, and in return your trial lawyers will defend you.

Depending on whether or not an offence took place, or the intention was there, the police must prove whichever was the case. So, they need evidence of the crime or they need to show that by their actions, or from other evidence such as tools or equipment, that the accused had an intention to commit a crime.


7 House Moving Tips From Removalist Experts

7 House Moving Tips From Removalist Experts

It might seem obvious to say that the best people to ask for advice about moving home are removalists, but that’s exactly who you should be asking for efficient and cheap removals. Removalists are helping people move house every single day so it is certain that because of their experiences they know what you should and should not be doing to make your house move go as smoothly as possible.

Rather than focusing on the negatives of what not to do, let us be more positive and look at 7 of the top tips that removalists have said every person who is moving house should follow.

Tip #1: Plan Well In Advance

Most removalists say that this is the number one tip which if followed will make moving home so much easier for everyone involved. From the moment you decide to move, you should be planning ahead and getting organised, down to the smallest detail.

Tip #2: Use the Opportunity To Declutter

Like when you move office building, there is no better opportunity for everyone to declutter than when you are about to move house. All those old clothes, toys, ornaments, paperwork, magazines and so on can be thrown out or sent for recycling, and it also means that you have a lot less to pack and unpack when the move happens.


All About that House Move

House Move

Packing your Possessions

If you have no time to pack, that’s not a problem. Reputable furniture removalists can be hired to do that. Will they take as much care as you? It depends on how explicit their instructions are. Will it cost more? Yes, of course. You pay for their time and the packing materials they will use.

Large electronic items, like that 6 foot LED TV, will be padded with blankets. It’s not a bad idea to have your breakables packed by professionals. If you opt for that, then you only have to pack your clothes, linen, personal items and books.

Clothing and Wardrobes Alternative

If you have freestanding wardrobes, it’s possible to leave your clothes in there as long as the weight is not too great to move safely. Same goes for dressers. If you decide with the removalists that this can be done, lock the doors and drawers, and tape or put rope around them so that doors and drawers don’t open causing damage during the transport. If you use rope, place cardboard at the corners to prevent the rope marking the timber.

Stop Damage to your valuables

It’s a natural thought that something will break during a move. There are steps though that can be taken to avoid this.


Family Reports – What They Are And How They Are Produced

Family Reports

In any divorce where the couple has children, there will a number of procedures and processes which require advice from their respective family lawyers. Thankfully, in many cases, with the help of their lawyers, couples are able to agree on all the aspects relating to their children after the divorce, including visitation and support.

Unfortunately, not every divorce ends amicably, and where there is disagreement with regards to the children, a family report is likely to be ordered by the court.

The court will determine that by doing so, the information produced in the report will help it to better consider what is in the children’s best interests when it comes to making significant decisions regarding them. It should be noted that the costs of a family report are met by the court, and not the couple who are getting divorced.

Producing a family report is the responsibility of a family consultant. This will be someone whom the court regards as having sufficient knowledge and experience to make the family report viable. Examples of people who might be designated as a family consultant include child psychologists and social workers.


Are You Getting Enough of This One Nutrient?

Choline Food

Most people know the importance of eating well, exercising, and looking after their health. However, knowing and doing are two different things, and it can be a balancing act. You have to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals, enough sleep, enough water, enough of everything.

And while most people know they need iron, fibre, vitamin C, and similar, how familiar are you with choline? Believe it or not, this lesser-known nutrient is more important for your nutritional balance than you think.

Choline is in eggs, dairy, fish, and meat, and while your liver can produce it too, most of it needs to come from what we eat. Men require around 550mg per day, while women need 425mg – and more if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

A single hardboiled egg offers 113mg, which would make you assume that most people get enough of this nutrient. The truth is, they aren’t. A National Health and Nutrition survey showed that 90 percent of adults, children, and pregnant women are not getting the recommended dosage every day.

Your body needs choline to regulate your muscle control, moods, and memory. It’s paramount for your brain and nervous system, and also helps to form membranes around the cells in your body.


Light it Up: How to Landscape with Lighting

Landscape with Lighting

You could spend days, weeks, or months on landscaping to make sure your yard is as pretty as a picture. The lawns could be manicured, the flower beds stunning, and with beautiful features such as water fountains and ponds. Come nightfall, all you see is black. You should be able to enjoy your landscaping at every time of the day – not just when the sun’s out. And here’s how.

Solar Path Lighting

Not only does solar path lighting help guide your way at nightfall, but it can make your yard a far more attractive place once the sun disappears for the evening. Path lighting is affordable, effortless to purchase in bulk, and requires no effort to install. All you have to do is stab the staked lights into the earth at even intervals.

Tip: Purchase more than you need, as it’s not uncommon to receive ‘duds’ in a box. Keep a receipt handy for returns!

Tree Lighting

If you are blessed to own some well-established trees that stand proudly in your yard, then enhance them for night appeal. You can buy specific lighting for trees known as ‘moonlighting’ which offers the effect of the moon shining through the trees. It not only looks stunning but illuminates both the tree and the areas surrounding it. What’s more, it’s affordable and can be the final touch your landscaping plan requires.


How to Choose the Best Lawn Care Expert for You

Best Lawn Care Expert

Life can get pretty busy. If you aren’t working crazy hours at your job, then you’re trying to raise a family, run errands, and take the kids to sports practice and other extra-curricular activities.

By the time you do get some time to yourself, it’s only so you can tackle the two dozen loads of laundry you couldn’t do during the week. So, where does lawn care fit into your schedule? It doesn’t, and that’s why hiring a lawn care expert to manage it for you can be a welcome relief.

Before you choose the first one you see, however, think about how you will make your decision. Here are a few things to consider.

Services & Packages

Some lawn care service providers will offer package deals for lengths of time, while others provide one-off services or individual services with separate costs. Which will suit you better? Would you prefer to pay one lump sum every week or month for everything relating to lawn care? Or, would you rather pick and choose what you wanted and when you wanted it?

Weigh up the options of several to find out which lawn care service provider caters more to your preferences.


If you take great pride in your yard’s appearance, then you don’t want to leave it in the hands of just anyone. Before you sign on the dotted line, find out everything there is to know about the lawn care expert you are choosing. Read testimonials, scour the internet for reviews, and talk to people who have used them before. You want to be 100 percent sure you have made the right decision.


Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

An alarming number of people are not happy with their smile, and aside from chips, cracks, and imperfections, it can often come down to how white your teeth are. The next time you visit a dentist such as Dental O So Gentle, ask about their teeth whitening services.

Building the perfect set of teeth with teeth whitening is something that is growing more advanced by the day – taking less time and with more effective methods. Below, we run through everything you need to know about teeth whitening so you’re fully informed before getting the treatment for yourself.

What Teeth Whitening Options Are Available?

There are three main whitening options, all with varying degrees of effectiveness. The first is professional teeth whitening. Once you make an appointment with your dentist, they will talk you through the entire whitening process.

You choose the shade of white you prefer; then you receive a higher concentration of whitening solution than you would in an at-home kit. In only one visit, your teeth are far whiter than they were when you walked in. There are several benefits of professional teeth whitening, including having a trained professional carrying out the treatment and being a far more effective teeth whitening method than others.


What to Look for in Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

When you are in the middle of your new landscape design, you spend a lot of time focusing on where your perennials will look best, or what type of gravel to use on the walkways. But, what about your outdoor furniture in your outdoor living area? Have you thought about what will work best and offer longevity and value for money?

Outdoor furniture is equally as important as the flowers you plant because it offers you somewhere to sit as you enjoy the fruits of your labour. Most landscaping experts, like Space Designs, can provide tips and advice, but you can also find this information below helpful too.


There could be nothing worse than finishing off your landscape design then realizing your new outdoor furniture is as hard as a stone. So, instead of being able to sit down, relax, and look at what you have achieved, you have to stand around uncomfortably and grumble about your poor choice in furniture. Don’t risk it! Take the time to try out several outdoor furniture sets before you settle on one. Sit on a few benches and chairs and find out the features you like and what you don’t like. Doing your due diligence can save heartache when your landscaping is complete.

Build Quality

While you might feel like you are getting a good deal on that outdoor furniture set that’s several hundred dollars cheaper than other ones, you may not be. Instead, you may be replacing it far sooner than you would be if you spent a little more. Build quality counts for a lot. Pay attention to welds on steel furniture, joins on wood furniture, and whether they have any weather-proofing. The more robust and stable the furniture is, the longer it will last.