Must Eat Zero Calorie Foods

There is an urgent need to increase the intake of zero calorie foods for maintaining a great health as well as reduce the heat created in your body. These zero calorie foods need more energy to get digested than the energy they provide you with. Thus they are great foods that will allow you to feel full in your stomach and they also reduce the chances of gaining weight along with providing you with nutrients. Make sure that you choose to eat fruits although they are high on sugars but yet they are low on calories which make them the best choice for zero calorie foods.

List of Zero Calorie Foods:


Fruits like apricots, grapefruits, tangerines and strawberries are great zero calorie foods that also have high concentrations of fiber which help in conducting proper metabolism and reduce constipation. These fibers are more difficult for the body to digest and hence they consume more energy that is provided by the foodstuffs. Vitamin C is essential for a robust immune system and they also act as great antioxidants. Some of these fruits also have good compositions of vitamin A which help in increasing the strength of vision and the skin quality.


Vegetables are considered as a soul food for the body since they have an essential composition of vitamins, fiber and less calories. Red bell peppers, spinach, leafy greens and tomatoes are considered as zero calorie foods which help you in burning your fats. The above mentioned vegetables have high contents of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, essential for cell growth and repair of the DNA cells. Potassium is also an important constituent of these vegetables which makes the transmission of electrolyte in the system faster. Vitamin K is also present in the vegetables which helps in increasing the strength of the bones as well as clots the blood in case of injuries.


This is one of the most favored topping on your pizza as well as used abundantly in salads and other foodstuffs. The mushrooms are potent carriers of vitamin D which extracts more calcium from other food sources. Mushrooms also help lightening your mood which will help you improve your moods and are rich sources of vitamin B. Mushrooms also help you get energy and help you concentrate on your work for longer periods of time.


This is a form of marine algae which creates a mouth watering dish when combined with other vegetables. You can use this to garnish your salads and soups.

Along with using the right zero calorie foodstuffs you also need to keep in mind how you prepare the foodstuffs. There are only certain definite ways of preparing your foods which includes:


This form of preparation will help you cook the food while still retaining the nutrients and the flavor of the foods. Steaming veggies is the best way to cook them. Add some lemon to these veggies and you get a delight.


Grilling can be done by coating the vegetables or your fish with some butter and cook it slowly on the oven. This is a great way of preserving the quality and nutrients of your foods as well as creating some authentic food taste for your taste buds.