Light it Up: How to Landscape with Lighting

Landscape with Lighting

You could spend days, weeks, or months on landscaping to make sure your yard is as pretty as a picture. The lawns could be manicured, the flower beds stunning, and with beautiful features such as water fountains and ponds. Come nightfall, all you see is black. You should be able to enjoy your landscaping at every time of the day – not just when the sun’s out. And here’s how.

Solar Path Lighting

Not only does solar path lighting help guide your way at nightfall, but it can make your yard a far more attractive place once the sun disappears for the evening. Path lighting is affordable, effortless to purchase in bulk, and requires no effort to install. All you have to do is stab the staked lights into the earth at even intervals.

Tip: Purchase more than you need, as it’s not uncommon to receive ‘duds’ in a box. Keep a receipt handy for returns!

Tree Lighting

If you are blessed to own some well-established trees that stand proudly in your yard, then enhance them for night appeal. You can buy specific lighting for trees known as ‘moonlighting’ which offers the effect of the moon shining through the trees. It not only looks stunning but illuminates both the tree and the areas surrounding it. What’s more, it’s affordable and can be the final touch your landscaping plan requires.

Fairy Lighting

If you neglected to include lighting into your landscaping plan and don’t have time to play around with anything too permanent, then fairy lighting can come to the rescue. The market is full of different fairy lights in various styles and colours that will appeal to your preferences.

You can also buy them to run off your home’s power supply, a battery pack, or solar panels. Make sure the fairy lighting you choose comes with a waterproof rating to ensure it lasts the distance.

Stair Lighting

Stairs can be dangerous enough during the day, but even more so at night when you can’t see each ascent or descent clearly. Rectify the problem with stair lighting. This form of lighting can either be included in the formation of the stairs or added to the sides post-build.


If you’d prefer your lighting source to be more natural, then why not look at your entertainment area? Outdoor fires, gas heaters and similar can all become sources of lighting for when you visit your yard at night.

Your landscaping plan can be everything you want it to be, but what will it look like at night? Before your landscaper arrives to turn your ideas into reality, make sure you have all the lighting sources you want. Alternatively, ask your landscaping expert what they recommend for day and night viewing.