How to Ruin Your First Overseas Holiday Without Really Trying


If you are going to holiday overseas at a place like Bali for the first time ever you are sure to be totally excited. You may even have those butterflies in the tummy you used to get on the first day back at school. Hopefully, you’ll have a great time, but with no experience it is easy for things to go wrong. Here’s a few things you are likely to do to ruin your holiday.

  • Overbook – don’t just book flights and accommodation ahead of time, book in your meals, shows and day trips as well, then if you see something else you want to do you won’t be able to – at least, not without wasting the money you spent on those pre-booked day trips.

  • Make that travel agent work for you by using them to book everything. That way you’ll pay way more than you need. At least if things go wrong you’ll know who to blame.
  • Don’t trust any of the locals because you never know who’s out to scam you. You’ve heard horrible tales of people getting fleeced so you’re not going to let it happen to you. In fact, the locals will see your suspicious face and avoid you like the plague.
  • Don’t bother to read up on tips about scammers or how to get the best out of your trip, that way you can just mistrust everyone equally and be sure of not getting scammed – until you realise it happened anyway.
  • Book everything that you can find to do and see even if you only spend an hour or two in each place. You’ll be sure to see 14 different things every day and you’ll be too exhausted when you get home to go back to work.
  • Starting out without enough money is sure to make your holiday great. Everything is so cheap you just know you won’t need very much money so you leave most of it at home where it is safe. Then you’ll find things actually cost more than you expected.
  • You can’t decide what you might need, so you pack two large suitcases full of possibilities. It’s best to be sure than sorry, right? Hint: where are you going to fit all those nice new clothes you bought while on holiday?
  • Major panic when the train, bus, plane, driver is late. This is sure to spoil your holiday completely.
  • Of course you don’t bother with insurance. You are not accident prone so what could happen? You’ll be surprised – and most dismayed – when your luggage goes missing, the flight home is cancelled due to bad weather or you fall off that motor scooter/horse/ jet ski/elephant you were so sure you could ride.