How To Arrange Your Dream Villa Wedding In Bali, Indonesia?

Bali has been regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in Asia, especially for relaxing close to beautiful beaches while enjoying the rejuvenating beauty of nature. Needless to say, Bali also happens to be one of the most preferred wedding destinations for couples all over the world.

After all, who would want to miss a chance to get an intimate wedding organized amidst beautiful beaches and clear starry skies that would add that heavenly touch to the occasion?

Couples dream about having their marriage in the lavish and striking Bali villas that make weddings even more memorable. And as they get to pay per night costs for services they order, it happens to e budget friendly as well. But to arrange the wedding is easier said than done.

Arranging the Wedding

So if you too are looking to get married in the serene villas of Bali, here’s how you can arrange for it.

  1. Working out the Budget

Your wedding is one of the most memorable moments for you that you’re going to cherish for the rest of your life, which is why you shouldn’t worry much about the budget as it is going to be worth it. However, you can save a bit by avoiding unnecessary expenses and keep your wedding a lavish yet budgeted affair.

  1. Hiring a Wedding Planner

One of the most important steps to get your wedding arranged is hiring a wedding planner. Come on now, you’re not in Bali and do not know where to get things done from or where to take permissions for loud music and other stuff.

A good wedding planner not only knows this but saves you quite the hassle of getting things done on time by doing it for you. From flower decorations, the right to the food for caterers and accommodations for guest- everything that you were worried about can be easily handled and delivered with perfection by a competent wedding planner.

Hire a wedding planner who knows what he or she is doing and has had an impeccable record of managing some of the most memorable and beautiful marriages. Discuss your budget with your wedding planner and see what kind of Villa and its services you can get in Bali.

  1. Select the Villa

Yes, there are several Villas in Bali, and many of them are located near exotic beaches, adding to their beauty. You can choose from some of the most brilliant looking Villas and ask for their price packages of a small, medium and intimate wedding to get a better idea. Don’t shy away from exploring options and look for all size of villas, making sure all your guests are allotted accommodation in the villa itself.

The villas usually charge per night stayed and an extra ‘Banjar` Fees’ to be paid to the local villagers of the village where the villa is located.

  1. Coming Down to Bali

Guessing you and your close family members have already taken care of, your final step to arrange your dream villa wedding in Bali would be to come down here and oversee the arrangements for the final time, waiting for the big day.

Dreams do come true, only if you are poised to make them a reality. Your dream Villa Wedding isn’t that difficult to arrange as just by following the above steps, you can have the marriage you’ve always desired for!