How Long do Botox Injections Last?

Before you even start Botox injections you will want to know how long they are going to last. After all, such treatment is not cheap and you want to get value for money and know what the ongoing cost is to be. In addition, you will want to organise your schedule so that you can have more done when necessary. The short answer to how long will they last is 2-6 months, or on average, 3-4 months.

However, much depends on the person and on their lifestyle. For instance, a person with strong facial muscles – usually, but not always, a man – will find the Botox injection does not last as long as someone with weaker muscles. Why is this? There are several reasons, Clinics on the Botox Perth list will tell you this:

Time matters

Botox works by temporarily paralysing the muscles that cause the wrinkles. If those muscles are strong, they will recover much more quickly. Another part of the equation is the time between injections. You may think you are saving costs by waiting until the muscle has quite recovered and the wrinkle is again established, but this is not the way to get the best result.

If you have more injections before the muscle has fully recovered, it will last longer this time around simply because the muscle was in a frail state – so to speak – already. Thus you get a longer time before it recovers if you have it done earlier.

Lifestyle matters

Your lifestyle also plays a big part in how long Botox treatment lasts. People who are really active will find that it doesn’t last as long as those who lead more sedentary lives. If you think about what your body is doing when you are active, you will realise that activity increases things such as circulation, so naturally this is going to remove the Botox serum from your muscles more quickly.

How Botox works

Botox works by binding to the receptors that send nerve signals to instruct your muscles to contract. It effectively prevents those muscles from contracting and making wrinkles. However, your body is always at work making new neurotransmitters and receptors that will then do the job of the paralysed ones. How long this takes varies somewhat from person to person. This is yet another reason why the length of time the Botox injections last for will vary with each individual.

Stale Botox

Another reason that many people are not aware of is the way clinics work. A lot of Botox powder is mixed up once a week or so and refrigerated ready for use. Stale Botox will not last as long as a freshly mixed batch. To save money, clinics often push the Botox that is stale off on their unwary patients. So avoid clinics that offer Botox days; they are often doing so to use up their stale Botox.