Home Remedies To Manage Common Illnesses

Even though modern medicines have been gaining popularity today, for the last hundreds of years, home remedies, and natural herbal remedies have been used to cure common ailments. These natural remedies offer a permanent relief from certain chronic ailments and make them non-recurring.

You wake up with a next cold morning as a result of having ice cream the previous day, your kid returns home from school with a muscle sprain after play time, your husband returns home from the office with a cough. Do you think it is utterly necessary to visit the doctor every time for such cases? Not!

Natural home remedies come in handy at times when the situation does not permit you to run to a physician. They are natural, less expensive and do not cause any side effects unlike modern medicines prescribed by your doctor.

This home remedy varies from location to location. They have been followed since the origin of various civilizations. Most historical cookbooks prescribe natural home remedies for fever, common cold, muscle sprain, acne, cough, beauty enhancement, etc. Since then they have been followed by our ancestors and passed on for generations.

  1. Fever and Cold

Fever and cold have always been your distant relatives who visit you all of a sudden without any warning, now and then. They usually are with you for not more than three days. They also indirectly make you take a break from your hectic lifestyle.

Having a lot of fluid intake helps to beat the dehydration which your body is facing. Have chamomile tea and hot soup. Take a warm bath with your favorite bath salts or a piece of ginger which soothes your achy muscles and bid bye to your guest.

  1. Sore Throat

Soak three crushed garlic pods in warm water and consume this solution daily twice for three days to obtain relief from a sore throat naturally. It is proven that Garlic juice has antimicrobial properties and fights pain-causing bacteria.

  1. Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a very common ailment which many of us face. It makes the journey least enjoyable and puts you into physical and mental pressures. The best way to tackle motion sickness is to carry a lemon with you during travel and keep sniffing the lemon. Also, ginger works best doing it in a similar way. Suck on a lemon ginger confectionery while on a long journey.

  1. Menstrual Cramps

Boil few pieces of ginger with water for ten minutes. Strain the solution and drink, and your menstrual cramp will be gone in a split second. If you have eucalyptus oil, apply that on your tummy to obtain relief.

  1. Constipation

Bananas are the best remedy for constipation. Also yellow apples and oranges work best, as they are rich in fiber. Boil a spoon of fennel seeds with a glass of water and filter the solution. Drinking this solution in the empty stomach can help you in getting rid of constipation problem.

  1. Sunburn

Sunburn and tanning have been a long lasting problem for men and women. There can be times when you forget to apply your sunscreen and get exposed to sunlight under unavoidable conditions. The best remedy for sunburn and tan is aloe vera gel. If you do not have the readily available aloe vera gel which is available in the market, you can collect the gel yourself by slicing the leaf of an aloe vera plant.

Apply over the affected area and wash it off after 60 minutes. Do this twice daily to naturally rejuvenate your skin.


The above remedies are simple yet effective in curing your most common ailments. They are also majorly in-the-kitchen products, and you need not spend any money or get out buying things.

Follow the above tips for curing basic illnesses and pass it on to your friends as well. Health is Wealth, and it is our duty to take utmost care for it. Taking care of yourself is not a responsibility, but a necessity.