Graphic Design and Your Business

Two of the most important aspects in today’s online World are SEO and the way your brand is presented graphically. Most business people are not trained in graphic design and often think little about it, especially people who decide to have a website only, rather than a physical business and website. Such people may have a feel for design, but most do not, with the result that their website does not attract the business they had hoped for.

Graphic design is used in more than just websites. It is an important component of logos, brochures and advertising of any kind where visuals are used. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is never so true as in graphic design and your business. In fact, such design includes other elements apart from images.


Colour is an important aspect of any graphic design. Statistics prove that certain colours encourage people to buy or to perform the action you require. Many ‘click here to…’ buttons are yellow because that is a colour that has been found to get many people to click and do whatever it is you want from them. It may be to sign up for a subscription, download information and so on.

The colours in a logo can make it stand out from the competition and cause people to notice it more – even talk about it to their friends. An advertising brochure is made more attractive by the colours it is designed in.

Text and text placement

The placement of text is another important element of graphic design. Whether it is on your website or a paper brochure, or even in a magazine spread, where that text is placed in really important. It needs to be where most people look first.  But where is that? Mostly, it’s the top left spot because that is where we are used to reading from. However, a headline should be in the top centre as that is going to catch the eye first.

Other text also needs to be in an obvious to find place, not hidden amongst or under the colours or images that are used. In addition, text needs to be easy to understand and tell the reader what the brochure or website is about right from the first word.

How people read ads

People are busy and scan things quickly. They may only read the first line or half a line and if what they find there is of no interest to them they will throw the brochure in the bin. The thing is, what you have to offer them might have been just what they needed; they just didn’t read that part because it was too far down the page.

A good graphic designer will know which text to put where for the best result, which is why it’s a good idea to have your business website, logo and brochures designed by a professional, even though you may have the software to do it yourself.