All the Wine Lingo You Need to Know

Are you interested in knowing more about champagne and wine and need to have a stance in knowing some of the most expensive drinks on the planet? Well we have got some of the most common yet unknown features for you about the wines and champagnes you drink.

Top 8 things you need to know about your drink:

On the case

Champagne is only a term associated with wines made from AOC grapes found in the Champagne region of northern France. The rest of them are all called sparkling wine. Most of the capitalists make more and more use of the loosely termed champagne to market their products in the market. These are nothing but a form of wine but not exactly wine and you need to be vigilant about the use of the term champagne.

Crimean state of mind

The Soviet rules have reduced the consumption of wine across most of the vineyards in the Ukranian parts. Over the years there has been a tremendous boost in the number of sparkling wines. Pinot blanc and aligote grapes have replaced most of the champagnes.

American Innovation

There have been many Americans who have started their own creation of wines like cabernet as well as there are many establishments who are creating various crisp sparkling wines. Domaine Chandon was one of the pioneers in this field and has gained name all across the country for their unique selection.

Keep on growing

Are you on the lookout for the cheapest champagnes in your country? Lookout for the labels of RP written on the wine and this wine is made by the same grapes that are produced in Champagne which is sold for a fraction of a price. These bottles are sold to the US and other countries so be on the lookout.


You may think that champagne has lesser hangovers than that of whiskey and vodka, but on the contrary effervescent drinks are absorbed into the blood stream quickly more than those of the flat drinks although there is lesser concentration in the champagne.

Reading Labels

Translating words written in different languages can be a problem. All you need to do is memorize some words which will help you understand your wines. “Brut ” labels are dry which contain very less sugar and are majorly found in the American bottles. “Demi-sec” are semi moderately dry and the extra dry are the most dry wines available in the market.


If you want to differentiate between good and bad sparkling wines, you will find that the bubbles in a good wine bottle will have an ongoing process of emanating small bubbles whereas bad sparkling wine will have huge bubbles that dissipate quickly.

Jewel of the Crown

The grape and the environment found in northern England are found to have the same identical conditions as that to of Champagne and hence the sparkling wines from these parts have identical tastes and flavors. These wines are commonly referred to as “Britagne”.

These are the most common things you need to know about your wines which will help you understand and enjoy your drink more. These simple tips can be shared among your friends which is always be praised by your friends.