4 Problems You Will Uncover on Your Way to Sobriety

According to Sivana Rehab, the road to sobriety otherwise known as substance rehabilitation is a long, hard one, but it must be faced. While you will have good days throughout your journey, you will also have bad days and sometimes these bad days will make you want to relapse or head back toward your old ways.

Many people find themselves drinking excessively, especially in time of stress, upset, and anger. Below, we will go over some underlying problems that also reside in you because they simply coincide with your alcohol addiction.

  1. You Cannot Stop Drinking on Willpower Alone

While you may have the willpower to want to stop, willpower alone is not going to make you stop drinking. In fact, many people want to stop drinking, but they simply cannot. The only way to truly overcome the addiction is to find different ways to decrease the need or want to drink.

For instance, if you feel like you want to consume an alcoholic drink, think back to a time where something negative happened because you drank too much or think about how your future will be if you continue down the path you are on. These negative associations with the desire to stop drinking will help you overcome the desires you face throughout sobriety.

  1. Free Time Leads to Drinks

When you give up the drink, you will find that you have a lot more free time on your hands. All of the time you spent drinking before is now idle time that you have. The problem here is that idle time can lead you right back to drinking. You need to find something to occupy your time, so that your mind does not automatically revert back to wanting a drink. For example, take up a local fitness class or join a hobby group to keep you busy.

  1. Trouble Thinking

One of the biggest problems you may run into is a cloudy mind. This is a common symptom when you stop drinking a lot of alcohol. While the fogginess in your mind may bother you, you do not want to turn back to the bottle to alleviate it.

Fortunately, a foggy mind will only last for a few weeks once you stop drinking and you can help further alleviate the feeling by drinking water, exercising, and even listening to music.

  1. You Are Addicted to Sugar Too

Alcohol contains a lot of sugar and while you were addicted to the alcohol, your body also become addicted to sugar at the same time. It is important that you do not try to quit both at the same time as you will only create a harsher environment for yourself.

If you feel like you are craving something sweet, you can indulge a bit, but do not go overboard. Once you have reached sobriety, you will be able to start kicking the sugar habit too. One way to manage your sugar cravings is to feed yourself foods that are naturally rich in sugar such as fruits.

The road to sobriety is not going to be easy and you will quickly find that on your journey, you uncover obstacles that will try to stand in your way. Instead of giving in and heading back down the dark path, you should look for outside activities to keep you busy during the day. Remember, you can do this and if you find that you need additional guidance, consider a local alcohol treatment facility.