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A pigeon lover and a pest controller debate if the birds are to be loved or loathed

2011.03.10 | 0 comments
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Project Pigeon’s debate on BBC 5 live radio last night:


Community Pigeon Loft Project

2011.01.04 | 0 comments
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People from all around the world keep pigeons and pigeon lofts reflect the culture in which they are located. Chinese pigeon lofts are different to English pigeon lofts, these are different to Irish pigeon lofts, which are again different to Iranian pigeon lofts, which are different to Pakistani pigeon lofts…..

Project Pigeon needs your help to design and build a loft that reflects all the different cultures in Digbeth and Highgate, Birmingham.

To talk about the project and get some inspiration please drop into to one of the Community Consultation Days:

Thursday 3rd February: 7.30am-2.30pm Eastside Café, 99 Coventry Street, Digbeth

Sunday 6th February: 10am- 4pm Project Pigeon’s Loft, Milk Street, Digbeth (in Boxxed’s backyard, opposite Birmingham Backpackers)

Wednesday 9th February: 2pm-6pm Project Pigeon’s Loft

Tuesday 15th February: 7pm-11pm The Spotted Dog pub, 104 Warwick Street, Digbeth

We will be running workshops and talking to different groups throughout January, February and March, if we haven’t already contacted you and you would like us to come and run some workshops with you/ your group please get in touch with us:

Project Pigeon: projectpigeondigbeth@gmail.com / 07967637017

If you are an individual or group who would like to submit a design please email it to: projectpigeondigbeth@gmail.com before 6th March

Designs will be exhibited at Eastside Café between 7th March and 12th March and on-line at:


The pigeon loft we all design will be built between mid March and May 2011 so look out for further information.

Please see www.project-pigeon.co.uk for more information about Project Pigeon

This project is supported by the Working Neighbourhoods Fund

What a race!!

2010.04.18 | 0 comments
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Planes might be grounded by the Project Pigeon birds certainly aren’t! We did amazingly well this week, we got in the cards (in top 6 out of 22) and might even win some money!! There was oohing and ahhing when our time was read out at the club last night!

The pigeons were up from Bath in a light West South West wind at 11.15, our first pigeon was back at 12.44, the next 12.46, the next 12.47 and the last 12.58. Their velocity was about 1482 (yards per minute)! Dream Team!

Project Pigeon News

2010.04.13 | 0 comments
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You haven’t heard from Project Pigeon for a while… we’ve been very busy. The first race of the old bird 2010 season is days away and over the last week we’ve been training the birds. They need to be on form and get fit again after the winter and after they have been sitting on their nests all day. Five tosses from Worcester and two from Licky Hills should do it. We’ll let you know how we get on in the race on Saturday (from Bath). I’m looking forward to the shivers and pounding heart, nothing else gets the adrenalin rushing like it. Alongside training the old birds we’re weaning the young birds, helping them learn to fly and training them to use the trap (the devise that lets them into the loft but doesn’t let them out). It’s a long and time consuming process, one which really tests my patience! (see photos below).

As well as this a pigeon fancier from Walsall (lovely Ray) has donated two pedigree pigeons to Project Pigeon. We have a family tree and they are related to ‘Gustav’, a pigeon that delivered the first message from the Normandy Beaches from a ship off the beach-head while serving with the RAF in 1944. He won a Dickin medal for his bravery. How cool is that!!?

Pigeon fanciers are eccentric by nature, Ray is no exception. He’s an inventor, indeed he invented the pigeon harness, a device used to suspend your pigeon in if he breaks his leg or wing. He’s a geneticist and has developed a new breed of pigeon (like Darwin) – the ‘reverse grizzle’, rather than the black fading to white the white fades into the black (see photo below – this is the only one in the world, she has just laid two eggs so fingers crossed for them). He has a CB radio transmitting in his loft all the time to teach the pigeons about radio waves. He put his cocks in the freezer pre breeding, this is so the best ‘Z’ sperm has more of a chance than the other sperm at fertilizing the egg. And much much more…

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