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Samara Scott: Silks

2015.04.23 | 0 comments
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Exhibition Launch | Samara Scott: Silks
Friday 15 May, 6–8pm
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

Samara Scott’s first solo-show in a public gallery rips up and ruptures the floor to create an irrepressible, erotic topography of consumer products. Eastside Projects have commissioned the London based artist to develop an ambitious new body of work and the largest project she has undertaken to date.

Scott’s exotically prosaic worlds of poured and pooled misused materials – household chemicals, soft drinks, toilet paper, scented waxes, noodles, eye shadow and toothpaste – cascade, smear and mould into an archipelago of voids cut into the concrete of Eastside Projects. Liquid surfaces cling to the floor existing as moist films, laminations and horizontal screens.

Scott’s artworks contain all passages of what follows the first contact of the consumer experience, from the touch to mastication to assimilation and finally dispersal. Her works appear to have been spontaneously configured, slipping between infusions of nature and artificial imitation, antiquity and plasticity, synthetic import and organic craft class.

The title ‘Silks’ suggests an idea of movement, touching and indirect skins, reflecting the artist’s urge to make tangible the bodily, gastric veneers of our digital and chemical realities. Scott’s transformative mirroring of language and materials is typical of her never typical artworks that slither and dance around the edge of seduction and consumption.

Silks runs until Saturday 11 July.

Capsule presents Melt Banana + Thrilling Headgear + Glatze / May 27th Rainbow Warehouse

2014.02.03 | 0 comments
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Capsule are delighted to announce the return of MELT BANANA who will perform in Birmingham on May 27 at the Rainbow Warehouse. Tickets from HERE

From the whip-like crack of Yako’s signature staccato vocals and impossible-to-memorize lyrics to the relentless overdrive tempo of their one of-a-kind prog-core, MELT BANANA have long resided in a cybertopia of their own devising where the limits of technology and human capability are old-world concerns as quaint and cumbersome as bartering with a blacksmith. The demos for Fetch, their first studio album since the severely fried pop-punk of 1997′s Bambi’s Dilemma, were completed in March 2011, but the Fukushima earthquake changed everything, including their ability to concentrate on recording. Which stopped completely.

Once they felt ready to return to their music, they decided to approach th songs on a sound-by-sound basis, choosing each tone with meticulous attention to detail, affirming their personal connections, being themselves naturally and openly.



They’ve been performing live as a duo since summer 2012, and will do the same for their “2 do what 2 fetch” tour in support of the album. After nearly 20 years of playing with a live rhythm section, their use of a PC, while opening possibilities for a variety of drum and synth voicings, does not signal a move away from the traditional live band sound, as heard, for example, via the future transmissions from downtown Noiseapolis on 2009′s Lite Live: Ver.

0.0. Yako and Agata say they need to feel real band sounds onstage as much as someone in the audience. This is a group that routinely excels at several kinds of impossible simultaneously, so of course any new challenge they come up with for themselves is sure to blow the doors off your Mini Cooper.

Tickets from HERE

Melt Banana official



Swelling from out of the cosmic putrescence of the Wizzleteat corpse, Thrilling Headgear force day-glo colours into angular shapes, holding groove as dogma. At turns both despondant and ethereal, TH play bleeted punk rock, transcendent and engaged, psychonautical engineering for earth-bound space mechanics.


Glatze is back! After a brief hiatus the one-man musical loon has been coaxed out to play by the prospect of supporting Melt Banana again, for old times’ sake. Glatze’s first gig for Capsule was this very same support slot, back in 2009. Expect the usual live improvised electronic mayhem, with just a hint more “mad professor” than “young buck”. He promises to do his very best in support of one of his favourite live acts…

Vivid Projects/ The Black Hole Club

2013.11.14 | 0 comments
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Vivid Projects presents the Black Hole Club, a brand new ongoing programme to support artists and curators working with moving image, performance and sound.

We are looking for our first ten Black Hole Club members to begin working with us from February 2014.

The inaugural Black Hole Club will support its members to develop their practice through skills development, networking and presentation opportunities. Members will benefit from free access to Vivid Projects’ expansive canal-side space and facilities in Digbeth, and a tailored programme of screening and social events. Members will be expected to commit approximately 2 hours per week for meetings and sessions.

All members will be encouraged to developed opportunities for the public to engage with their work, supported by the Vivid Projects team.

How to apply

To apply, please submit a letter (500 words max) expressing your interest and motivation for applying, together with your CV and examples of previous works. If you wish to submit any supporting visual materials, please ensure electronic submissions do not exceed 10MB.

Applications (under 10MB) may be emailed to Alternatively you can post your application to the address below – please note, support materials sent by post cannot be returned.

Vivid Projects – Black Hole Club
16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street
Birmingham, B5 5RS

Application deadline is 12pm on Friday 03 January 2014.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
Vivid Projects, 16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B’ham, B5 5RS
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Exhibition Launch: Trade Show, Friday 6 December, 6–8pm, Eastside Projects

2013.11.08 | 0 comments
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Christine Hill Volksboutique, 1997–current. Courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Launch: Trade Show
Friday 6 December, 6–8pm
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

Trade Show is an ambitious cross-sectoral project to explore, commission and implement trading structures used by artists within everyday life situations. It specifically explores art projects from the last decades that engage in trading, shopping and economic value as a means of artistic production and dissemination.

Featuring work by An Endless Supply, atelier d’architecture autogérée, Sam Curtis, Valie Export, Field Cycles, Martino Gamper, Ella Gibbs, Katherine Gibson, Jens Haaning, Christine Hill, Myvillages, Kate Rich, Bob and Roberta Smith, Barbara Steiner, Apolonija Sustercic, Editions Shop UK, Casco.

Trade Show runs until Saturday 22 February.

Make your own mini-protest banner at Vivid Projects

2013.09.11 | 0 comments
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Sarah Corbett founded the Craftivist Collective in 2009 after craft-lovers around the world asked to join in her craftivism (activism through craft) as a way to make positive change and give introverts a voice outside of traditional extrovert forms of activism.

Image courtesy the Craftivist Collective

Join Sarah at Vivid Projects for a special workshop in which you will craft your own Mini Protest Banner. Following the workshop you are encouraged  to leave your banner somewhere as street art to provoke thought and action in passers-by. Sarah will also explain more about the history of craftivism and her approach, and the benefits of craftivism as a political and public engagement tool.

Tickets cost £7.50 and include your workshop materials – reserve your place here

Craftivist Collective join Vivid Projects as part of Rebel Girl, a three-day programme combining moving image, documentary, music and discussion, which brings together artists, writers, speakers and makers to explore the history and legacy of riot grrrl twenty years on from Kathleen Hanna’s Riot Grrrl manifesto.

Full programme details here

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Vivid Projects, 16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B’ham, B5 5RS
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Eastside Projects, Lunch Club, Friday 27 September, 1–2pm

2013.08.26 | 0 comments
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Lunch Club
Lunch Club
Friday 27 September, 1–2pm
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

Escape your desk or studio for an hour and join us at Eastside Projects for lunch. Everyone is welcome. We have an array of tea, coffee and herbal teas – all you need to bring is your sandwiches.

Eastside Projects, Salon: Archive This Saturday 21 September, 2–6pm

2013.08.26 | 0 comments
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Salon: Archive This
Salon: Archive This
Saturday 21 September, 2–6pm
£4 / £2 concs / free to ESP Members
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

Taking its cue from ‘Dear Lynda…’ this afternoon event offers a range of perspectives on, and approaches to, creating and utilising libraries and archives. In short talks by curator Lynda Morris, artist Ruth Beale, PhD researcher Samantha Epps, artist and archivist Karen Di Franco and more we will discuss the politics of libraries, ephemera relating to Conceptual Art and archives in the digital era.

Eastside Projects, Curator’s Introduction: Cao Fei, Thursday 19 September, 6.30–8pm

2013.08.26 | 0 comments
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Haze and Fog

Curator’s Introduction: Cao Fei
Thursday 19 September, 6.30–8pm
£4 / £2 concs / free to ESP Members
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

Join Eastside Projects Director Gavin Wade and artist Cao Fei for an informal introduction to, and conversation around, the new exhibition ‘Haze and Fog’.

Eastside Projects, Exhibition Launch, Friday 20 September, 6–8pm

2013.08.26 | 0 comments
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Haze and Fog

Exhibition Launch
Friday 20 September, 6–8pm
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

Everyone is welcome at the launch of ‘Haze and Fog’ a solo exhibition by Cao Fei in the main gallery, ‘Dear Lynda’ in the second gallery and ‘A Demonstration of Possibilities’ in Flatfile. Exhibitions continue until 16 November.

‘Haze and Fog’ is a new type of zombie movie set in modern China. The film will explore how the collective consciousness of people living in the time of what the artist calls “magical metropolises” emerges from seemingly tedious, mundane, day-to-day life.

In the Second Gallery we present ‘Dear Lynda…’, an international touring exhibition that examines the importance of maverick British curator, writer, art historian and patron Lynda Morris.

Sophie Bullock, Freya Dooley and Sebastian Jefford, GO West resident artists collaborate on ‘A Demonstration of Possibilities’ the latest iteration of Flatfile, a plan-chest sited permanently within the gallery.

Eastside Projects, Lunch Club, Friday 26 July, 1–2pm

2013.07.18 | 0 comments
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Lunch Club

Lunch Club
Friday 26 July, 1–2pm
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR

Escape your desk or studio for an hour and join us at Eastside Projects for lunch. Everyone is welcome. We have an array of tea, coffee and herbal teas – all you need to bring is your sandwiches.

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