Reverse Karaoke, 19–21 October, Eastside Projects

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Reverse Karaoke
Kim Gordon and Jutta Koether
19 – 21 October (Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-9pm, Sunday 2-8pm)
Eastside Projects, 86 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR
Part of Supersonic Festival

Eastside Projects & Supersonic Festival are pleased to present ‘Reverse Karaoke’, a collaborative installation by legendary New York musician Kim Gordon and New York based artist Jutta Koether. ‘Reverse Karaoke’ is a painted Yurt style tent housing a lo-fi rehearsal set-up with guitar, microphone, bass, and drums.

In ‘Reverse Karaoke’ Kim Gordon aims to demystify the process of music making. Drawing on the DIY nature of her musical history with her band Sonic Youth, Gordon invites visitors to record their own track along to the pre-recorded sound of her voice. “I always liked the idea of a disembodied voice in a space.” Gordon said about ‘Reverse Karaoke’, ‘Coming from a DIY punk context, it’s important for me to show how easy it can be to make music.’

You are invited to play the instruments and record your own music with Kim’s voice within Junta Koether’s painted environment. The track is recorded live by a sound engineer who burns two CD copies of the track, while visitors decorate the CD sleeves. One copy of the CD becomes part of the piece itself on display in a record box, and the other the visitor takes home.

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