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LUX screening: Frieze Film, and First Thursday Social Thursday 6 October Eastside Projects

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Frieze Film
Thursday 6 October, 7 – 9pm

Every year since 2005 Frieze Foundation has commissioned a series of new short films (including several co-commissioned with LUX and the ICO for the Artists Cinema project). The commissions have included work by an extraordinary range of leading contemporary artists, from those who had never worked with film before through to established filmmakers. The films have been premiered at Frieze Art Fair in London, and subsequently screened at cinemas and festivals around the world. The Frieze Film touring programme brings together a selection of these commissions for the first time. From Cannes Palme d’Or- winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s The Anthem (2006), a filmic ‘blessing’ for the cinema in which it appears, to Linder’s carnivalesque Forgetful Green (2010), it offers a unique snapshot of contemporary approaches to the moving image.

The programme includes work by Miguel Calderón, Bonnie Camplin, Jess Flood-Paddock, Linder, Shahryar Nashat, Elizabeth Price, Wilhelm Sasnal, Stephen Sutcliffe and Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

The films were commissioned by the Frieze Foundation curators, Polly Staple in 2005 and 2006, Neville Wakefield in 2007 and Sarah McCrory in 2010. In 2005 and 2006, the films were co-commissioned with LUX and the ICO for the Artists Cinema project.


First Thursday Social
Thursday 6 October

On the first Thursday of each month come along for a pre Salon social. A perfect time to catch up on news and chance to put names to faces.


To attend SALON events join ESP (£60 per year/ £5 per month) by contacting:

Or pay £4 (£2) on the door per session

Empty Orchestra, 13 – 23 October, Eastside Projects Second Gallery

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Empty Orchestra
Curated by Georgie Park and Samuel Rodgers
13 – 23 October, Eastside Projects Second Gallery


Empty Orchestra is the literal translation of karaoke. This Second Gallery exhibition will be a working lounge bar including new and existing works by Dom Allen, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Stephen Cornford, Petra Cortright, Flat Soufflée, Rob Gawthrop, Christopher Gladwin, Laura James & Samuel Rodgers, Maria Minerva, Pete McPartlan, Oneohtrix Point Never, Alex Peverett and Gillian Wylde.
Artists will interrogate, dismantle, displace, replace and rebuild the tools and contexts of musical performance. From the use of instruments in extended ways, and playful explorations of audio/visual interferences, to work that abandons precision to embrace ‘shoddiness’, the exhibition brings together the slick and the shabby, the engineered and the experimental.
7-8.30pm Saturday 15 October
Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers / Robert Curgenven & Katrin Bethge
7-9pm Friday 21 October
Dom Allen / Flat Soufflée / ICASEA-Yperdimensional Taikyokuken
7-8.30pm Saturday 22 October
Rob Gawthrop + Pete McPartlan
Part of The Event and Supersonic Festival

FELABRATION with Dele Sosimi Ensemble 14.10.11

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Its always time for some Afrobeat, so why not join us for a celebration of Fela Kuti’s birthday on Friday 14th October at the Hare and Hounds.

Punch, leftfoot and Mostly Jazz presents Fela Kuti’s Birthday tribute concert is the annual event to celebrate the originator of Afrobeat. Led by Fela’s Egypt 80 keyboardist and musical director of award winning musical “FELA”, Dele Sosimi who moved to London in 1995 from Nigeria, stands out as one of the most active musicians currently on the Afrobeat scene worldwide. His dedication to Afrobeat has contributed to the development of many musical influences and interests in multi-cultural London. Covering a collection of Fela’s greatest works and tracks from Dele’s critically acclaimed albums “Identity” and “Turbulent Times”.

tickets £10 (ticketsellers)

Self Assembly 2: Pitching Event Thursday 29 September 6.30-8pm Eastside Projects

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ESP members are invited to pitch ideas for Self Assembly Salon events to the rest of the group over a bowl of soup at this informal, social event. Pitches might be for a one-off event or a series of Salons. If your idea is successful you will be supported by ESP and Eastside Projects as you organise and host your event/s, giving you the opportunity to start conversations, make connections, hear about particular aspects of practice or explore ideas that you are interested in. Successful pitches from Self Assembly 1 included Curating the Home (Lauren Davies) and Empty Orchestra (Georgie Park and Samuel Rodgers) To book a ‘pitch’ or find out more email

Quiz Night at Eastside Projects Thursday 22 September

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VIVID exhibition: CRASH (24 Sep – 29 Oct)

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CRASH | 24 September – 29 October 2011

VIVID  presents CRASH, an experimental season of sonics, moving image, installation and construction stimulated by the vision of J.G. Ballard.

Artists include: Dan Tassell, Kibwe Tavares & Chris J Lees (Factory Fifteen), Mr. Underwood, Mark Essen, and Contingent of the First Response feat. Nic Bullen, Gene-George Earl, Sarah Farmer, Adrian Lee, Relmic Statute, and Cathy Wade. 


Kibwe Tavares. Robots of Brixton, 2011. Image courtesy the artist.

Sat 24 Sep – Sat 29 Oct | open Thu-Sat, 12-5pm | admission free

In Kibwe Tavares’s Robots of Brixton London’s new robot workforce – built and designed to carry out all of the tasks which humans are no longer inclined to do – has undergone a population explosion, resulting in unplanned, cheap and quick additions to the skyline. The film follows a populace hemmed in by poverty, disillusionment and mass unemployment. When the police invade the one space which the robots can call their own, the fierce and strained relationship between the two sides explodes into an outbreak of violence echoing that of 1981 and the summer of 2011.

Resonant of the visions of Ridley Scott, China Mieville and JG Ballard, Dan Tassell’s The Battersea Experiment imagines the crumbing shell of Battersea power station enclosing an arcadian world where all is not quite as it seems.  

Chris J. Lees Funland, is a sinister re-imagining of a sentient Trocadero Centre  resculpting the world at will, playing with visions of apocalyptic futures, robot cats and giant crab monsters.

Artist Mark Essen takes George Berkeley’s metaphysical theory of subjective idealism as a starting point for his installation Concrete Radio. Filmed around Wysing in Cambridgeshire, Archangel George presents the traces of human disruption in an abandoned and deserted landscape.

Contingent of the First Response is a temporal group of protagonists (Nic Bullen, Gene-George Earle, Sarah Farmer, Adrian Lee, Relmic Statute,Cathy Wade) that shifts and adapts in response to common concerns. Ballard is the black mirror that The Contingent are looking into, reflecting back a space in which they make new connections. The group collage, cut and conflate the beauty, horror and sense of overlapping banality that runs through Ballard, from Cathy Wade’s ‘He Hit Me…’ echoing the song made famous by The Crystals to Gene-George Earle’s visceral video take on The Atrocity Exhibition, described, as Ballard is quoted as describing his own work, a ‘psychotic hymn’. Alongside this, Adrian Lee examines the commercial cultural trappings which form the background noise to our daily lives and Nicholas Bullen, founding member of the extreme music group Napalm Death reappropriates Brutalist imageryf rom Cronenberg’s Stereo alongside Concrete Music, engaging with the psychological effects of architecture, environment and sound.

Crash also sees a VIVID and Capsule co-commission for the exhibition and 2011 Supersonic Festival from Mr.Underwood featuring a special “Crash EP”, fragments of which are contained in the immediate area, the decayed and abandoned spaces of Birmingham’s Digbeth backstreets.  Plug yourself in to the city.


PREVIEW: Friday 23 September | 6-10pm | admission free
Join VIVID  for the launch of CRASH.  The evening will include a special tour with Mr. Underwood and J.G. Ballard’s mix tape.

FILM: Wednesday 28 September | 7-10pm | £2
The Neighbourhood Watch presents its usual mixed-bag of short film submissions, only this time followed by a special screening in response to VIVID’s CRASH exhibition.

PERFORMANCE: Saturday 22 October | 12-5pm | admission free
Contingent of the First Response artists present a series of performance and presentations in response to CRASH. The Event and Supersonic Festival also take place this weekend.

FILM: Thursday 27 October | 8:15pm | £4/3 @ Birmingham Library Theatre 
Birmingham International Film Society presents a a special screening in response to VIVID’s CRASH exhibition. 

T: 0121 766 7876 | E: | | Click here for directions

VIVID gratefully acknowledges support from Arts Council England and The Bond Company.

Curators’ Introduction: William Pope. L Thursday 15 September 6.30-8pm Eastside Projects

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Gavin Wade, director of Eastside Projects and William Pope. L introduce his new three screen video commission, ‘Child’ at this exclusive preview event.

Don’t Forget:
Opening: William Pope. L
Friday 16 September
Eastside Projects

first fold records presents Bring Out Your Dead at Grand Union

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first fold records presents Bring Out Your Dead
7pm – late, Friday 30 September 2011 at Grand Union

Join us for a night of live music, experiemental sounds and immersive visuals. Featuring Pierre and Karlheiz, Them Use Them, The Assembled Minds, Papa November, The Resource Centre, Einstellung, and Kipp Jones.

Free event, all welcome.

Project Pigeon/ Heritage Lottery Fund: Birmingham Pigeon Archive

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Project Pigeon is very happy and excited to be working on a unique archive about the history and culture of pigeon fancying in the West Midlands, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Please see below a press release with more information about the project.  More news to follow over the coming years……

HLF West Midlands, News Release

Pigeon project off to a flying start

Birmingham still boasts more pigeon fanciers than any other UK city and now an archive charting this historic working class past-time will be produced for the first time. The Birmingham Pigeon Archive project has been made possible by a £43,500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

City-based Project Pigeon will be working with volunteers of all ages to recall the times when, following the birds’ role as message carriers in the First World War, competitive pigeon racing began in earnest. It will look at the time when there were pigeon lofts in many residential streets and thousands of the birds were transported by train around the country to be released to race back home. Today there are still hundreds of fanciers in Birmingham keeping thousands of birds between them.

Anne Jenkins, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund West Midlands, said: “This project will chronicle a major aspect of local working class history and will also span generations by giving young people the chance to learn media skills while interviewing their elders.”

The project will also cover such local claims to international fame as the breeding of the uniquely acrobatic Birmingham Roller, a type that originated in 1920 in Bordesley Green after local fancier William Penson noticed one of his birds perform a backflip while in flight.

Today there are hundreds of Birmingham Roller clubs around the world and fiercely fought competitions to pick the birds that perform the most dramatic tumbling.

But with pigeon fancying in decline the project sets out to document this fascinating part of West Midlands’ social history. Interviews with 30 fanciers – including generations from the same families – video footage, photographs, documents and memorabilia will be gathered by volunteers of all ages.

Once completed the archive will be deposited at the Birmingham Library Archive and also at Bletchley Park Museum which houses an Animals in War exhibit featuring the work of carrier pigeons during two world wars.

The two-year project will also use the information gathered to create a radio play about pigeon fancying which, it is hoped will be broadcast in the region, if not farther afield.

For Project Pigeon, Director Alexandra Lockett said: ‘‘Project Pigeon is excited about working with different communities and generations to document and celebrate the rich culture and heritage of pigeon fancying in the West Midlands.  This unique and important archive has been made possible through the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.’’


Further information:
For further information please contact Vicky Wilford, HLF press office, on; 020 7591 6046 / 07973 401937, email or Phil Cooper, HLF press office, on: 07889 949173.

Alexandra Lockett, Director, Project Pigeon, on:

Notes to editors:

The Heritage Lottery Fund

Using money raised through the National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) sustains and transforms a wide range of heritage for present and future generations to take part in, learn from and enjoy. From museums, parks and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our diverse heritage.  HLF has supported more than 30,000 projects, allocating over £4.5billion across the UK, including £319million to projects in the West Midlands alone. Website:

Espirito Brum

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Hiya, long time no see.  Thought we might pop over to let people in the imaginary place that is Eastside know of some really fantastic stuff happening in the real place that is Deritend.  The wonderful peeps at Professional Incredibles have kindly worked their butts off over the last twelve months to organise Espirito Brum – a fantastic festival celebrating Brazilian and Brummie culture.  30 artists, some of them megastars back home, will be landing here from Brazil next week to perform their wonders in our beloved neighbourhood.  Here’s a flyer thingy:

espirito brum flyerSo there’ll be music galore, filmic goodness, visual arts – and loads of delicious Brazilian food on offer.  Most of the shows are a fiver, so won’t break the bank, and it’s a great opportunity to see some fantastic performers in our home town.  Best of all, we’ll be taking a bunch of artists from Brum over to Brazil next year in reciprocation to stage ‘Bostin’ Brazil’ – or something.  Be nice to see a few people cross the yawning chasm that is High Street, Deritend (see, it’s real, not made up at all!) ;-)

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