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Project Pigeon September events at New Art Gallery Walsall

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Throughout September Project Pigeon and New Art Gallery walsall will be celebrating the Black Country’s pigeon fancying culture with a series of free events:

Saturday 3rd September, 2-4pm

Join our expert panel of speakers and find out about the historic and contemporary relationship between man and pigeon, how pigeons have been messengers, a source of food, aided scientific research, been athletes and have featured in many great works of art and literature.

Saturday 10th September, 11-5:

An exhibition of over 50 breeds of pigeons including high flyers, Birmingham rollers and fantails.  Find out which was Queen Victoria’s favorite breed, which pigeons Charles Darwin used to keep, which fly for 24 hours and vote for your favorite one!

Saturday 17th September, 11-5:

Free film screenings of:

11am Selected chapters from Jim Jenner’s Share the Blue Sky

12pm Birdy, the story of a Vietnam veteran who, in his disturbed state, believes he is a pigeon (cert 15)

2pm Ghost Dog:  The Way of the Samurai, is the story of an assassin that communicates via pigeon (cert 15)

4pm – A series of short film screenings: Pigeon Impossible by Lucas Martel; Pigeons in War, a training video for soldiers; a clip from House of Friends, featuring a pigeon club in Brierley Hill; and Pigeon Archive by Lyndall Phelps, footage from a camera attached to a pigeon.

Saturday 24th September, 11.30- 4pm

Auction day of racing pigeons by Heart of England Auctions/ Mark Evans 1pm and of rollers by Wolverhampton Tumbler Club at 2pm followed by a pigeon release from the gallery’s terrace at 3.30pm

No need to book, just drop in

Exhaustion and Exuberance Saturday 10 September 12-9pm Eastside Projects

2011.08.25 | 0 comments

Exhaustion & Exuberance

Saturday 10 September


Eastside Projects

Free_ Public_Event

Exhaustion & Exuberance is a day-long event on Saturday 10 September, 12-9pm, that brings innovative artists and groups to Eastside Projects with the invitation to share knowledge and exchange ideas about notions of success and survival. When precarious living has become the norm, the day aims to initiate conversation and debate that mines the past and present, for possible solutions and resilient models for art production and dissemination in the 21st century.

Drop in and make new connections during the informal activity taking place in the main gallery. Buy the fantastic new publication Soon All Your Neighbours Will Be Artists. Attend the discussion for ideas and debate to get your mind buzzing. Hang out at the screening event in the evening.
Image courtesy: An Endless Supply


A series of actions, productions and minglings throughout the day from: Outpost (Norwich), Other Asias (London), Institute for Boundary Interactions (Nottingham), Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), Tactile Bosch (Cardiff), Aid & Abet (Cambridge), Ania Bas Plus: The Lombard Method’s infamous falafel stand, BAZ, Grand Union, An Endless Supply

_1pm_Publication Launch
Soon All Your Neighbours Will Be Artists

Featuring the work of: Chris Barr, Ellen Bell, Ross Birrell & David Harding, Olaf Breuning, Andrew Crawford White, Michael Dean, Carwyn Evans, S Mark Gubb, Folke Koebberling & Martin Kaltwasser, Low Profile, Heather & Ivan Morison, Jonathan Mosley & Sophie Warren with Can Altay, random people, Emily Speed

Eds: An Endless Supply, Chloe Brooks, Clare Thornton, CJ Mahony, David Kefford, Samuel Hasler, Melissa Hinkin, Jim O’Raw

_2pm_Discussion: Exhaustion & Exuberance, A (Re)negotiation

Taking the essay Exhaustion & Exuberance: Ways to defy the pressure to perform by Jan Verwoert (written for Sheffield 08: Yes, No and Other Options), as a starting point for thinking, and framed by major cuts to public funding on the arts, this discussion invites S. Mark Gubb & Eva Weinmayr chaired by Dr Kataryna Kosmala to unpick the themes of the text and offer personal insight and concrete examples of success and survival in relation to their research and projects.

What are precarious conditions and how can you resist them?
When do you start considering your practice as your work?
Does the arts reliance on free labour set a false standard of integrity?
Does the pressure to perform mitigate the possibility of failure?
Does the production of artwork need to be redefined given the reduction in support from institutions?
What would it mean to resist the need to perform?
Are the forms of agency that we commonly associate with resistance not modes of high performance themselves?

_6pm_Annexinema screening

Annexinema is a peripatetic, not-for-profit arts organization, which focuses on the screening and performance of visionary and experimental artists’ work in sound and the moving image.

They are interested in creating spaces for play and activity outside of traditional institutional (art) structures, in finding common ground between potential audiences and communities, and in the idea of cinema as a social phenomenon. They are interested in nurturing collaboration and cross-pollination between art-related practices, incorporating screenings, installations, performances and live music.

Digbeth Fun Day

2011.08.12 | 0 comments
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Apexa Patel review of Los Angeles Plays Itself

2011.08.02 | 0 comments
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In collaboration with Self Service, Birmingham, thisistomorrow has been running a pilot writers mentoring scheme. Today they have published the first text from the programme by Apexa Patel, an examination of the film Los Angeles Plays Itself.

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