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Post-apocalyptic pics

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Post-apocalyptic walk-in movie

Last Thursday we put on a little ‘walk-in movie‘ at The Edge as part of the Diesel Island programme. The general theme was surviving the apocalypse, and we found that this is the ideal neighbourhood when searching for oil-drums, timber and rubble. Tom Baker from Loaf gave useful advice on foraging, and then the car park filled up for an outdoor showing of cult end-of-the-world drama Miracle Mile.

The following night I caught American Werewolf in London in the back-yard of the Spotted Dog, and I’m hoping that this is the start of a global-warming-inspired trend for al fresco movies around Digbeth. Watch this space for more in the future. In the meantime, the Diesel series climaxes with a free disco at the Custard Factory’s Old Library tomorrow night (Friday 20 May). See Area for the full programme.

Post-Apoc 2

AMEN BROTHER opening at Grand Union Fri 27 May

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Amen Brother from Tom Smith on Vimeo

Grand Union is proud to present Amen Brother
An exhibition curated by Tim Dixon, featuring work by David Blandy, David Raymond Conroy, Steven Dickie, Sara Mackillop, Rachel Reupke, Tom Smith and Jack Strange.

Opening night 6.30-10pm Friday 27 May 2011- All Welcome

Featuring performances by Steve Dickie with Stuart Bannister: The Mean and a Bit More and More than the Average Number of Ears; a collective performance using the audience and their mobile phones.

Exhibition continues 12-5pm, Thursday – Saturday, 28 May – 30 July 2011

Interrogating themes of appropriation, mediation and sampling within contemporary art practice, the exhibition takes its title from a piece of music recorded by soul band, The Winstons in 1969. The 5-second, 4-bar drum breakdown in the middle of the track has become arguably the most sampled piece of music of all time.

Drawing a parallel to these processes and extrapolating from the ideas set in motion by these practices, this exhibition seeks to identify and examine a variety of sample-based artistic strategies; strategies consisting of re-presenting familiar forms, arranging myriad objects and images into new configurations, inserting existing material into original new narratives and remaking elements from found sources, enabling the artists to focus our attention onto on the cultural ephemera that they find around them.

Accompanying this exhibition will be a specially commissioned text addressing Jacques Derrida’s ideas on communication, repetition and iteration by Peter Dennis, a PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Reading.


Tuesday 7 June 6.30-8pm at Grand Union
David Blandy introduces a talk about his video work Child Of The Atom, with his grandmother, Anne Piper, a novelist, playwright and anti-nuclear weapons activist.

Thursday 16 June 6.30-8pm at Eastside Projects

A Talk (The one that begins with Bruce Springsteen).
David Raymond Conroy presents a talk about empathy and sincerity. Guiding us through a series of clips found on YouTube; ranging from recordings of live music performances, to stand-up comedy, to Hollywood cinema, the artist discusses the highly personal relationships he has built with these short videos and how they have come to be points of influence and inspiration.

Still from Amen Brother 2011 by Tom Smith

Project Pigeon Syndicate 2011

2011.05.14 | 1 comment
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Since February 14th Project Pigeon has been busy breeding pigeons ready for the 2011 young bird racing season.  We now have 29 lovely racing pigeons looking for sponsorship, each is a potential winner.  Project Pigeon also has 10 Birmingham Rollers available for sponsorship, for those of you who are less competitive (these pigeons don’t race).  These pigeons were selectively breed by a Hall Green bus driver in the early 1900’s, he saw one of his pigeons backflip in the sky and bred this trait into birds creating the Birmingham Roller.

Two lucky members of last year’s syndicate took home £4.60 each in prize money and an official certificate, things can only get better this year!

Membership is £20 per year for which there are many benefits, including:

  • It makes for good conversation- ‘I own a pigeon…’
  • Your name/ company name will be stenciled onto the loft
  • A syndicate starter pack including photos of your pigeon, a certificate, race programme, newsletter, a feather and training programme
  • You can choose your pigeon- we have blues, chequers, blackens, whitens, mealys and lavenders. You can give your pigeon a name if you would like to
  • Weekly email update – you get to hear Project Pigeon’s news first
  • A quarterly newsletter, with photographs, a diary, progress reports, pigeon stories in the news and so on
  • You will receive an Aston and District Pigeon Flying Club Results Sheet for every race you enter
  • For gardeners- as much pigeon poo as you want (an excellent fertilizer)
  • You can come on training tosses with Project Pigeon
  • You have the opportunity to come and watch your pigeon return from a race and be clocked in

Please see a list of available pigeons at:

Please email to let us know which pigeon you would like support

Don’t miss out this year!

Matmos interview on The Quietus

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“Matmos – the electronic duo comprised of Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt – have been creating, constructing and collaging sonic ephemera since the mid 90s. With each album they release, Daniel and Schmidt seem to have thrown each other a gauntlet, between them creating compositions based around the collection and processing of particularly unorthodox sounds. Sometimes compared to artists like Steve Reich, and certainly to Pierre Henry (the ‘father’ of Musique Concrete), Matmos have created albums entirely from the sounds of surgery (A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure), used the sound of a bovine uterus (on their venerative album The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast which pays tribute to notable queers), and on their first self-titled effort sampled the nerve signals of a crayfish.”

Read the full interview by Nix Lowrey HERE
Capsule present Matmos with J Lesser at the mac in Birmingham this Sunday tickets are available HERE
We’re intrigued and so should you be – see you there.

VIVID exhibition: ECSTATIC (13 May-18 June)

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ECSTATIC | 13 May – 18 June 2011
open Thu-Sat, 12-5pm (admission free)

Artists: Abramović/ Ulay, Companis, Mark Leckey, Carolee Schneemann, Elisa Sighicelli, and Andy Warhol.

VIVID presents ECSTATIC, a visual and sensory season of moving image works and intervention exploring heightened emotions and altered states.

Carolee Schneemann. Meat Joy (1964). Image courtesy the artist.

(Fri 13 May – Sat 18 June | open Thu-Sat, 12-5pm | admission free)

Turner prize winner Mark Leckey’s Parade (2003), is a compulsive repetition of images swirling past the silhouette of the artist. The subjects in Leckey’s video works lose themselves in the image, the music, in visual excess. They dress up, drop out. In Parade, the procession of images are suffused in a chemical haze; evocative of the garish neon impressions of the city at night-time.

Carolee Schneemann’s Meat Joy (1964) has the character of an erotic rite: excessive, indulgent, and a celebration of flesh as material: raw fish, chickens, sausages, wet paint, transparent plastic, rope brushes, paper scrap. Its propulsion is toward the ecstatic– shifting and turning between tenderness, wilderness, precision, abandon: qualities which could at any moment be sensual, comic, joyous, repellent.

In Relation in Space (1976) Abramović/ Ulay (1976) approach each other from different sides of the space and collide in the middle. The piece was the first in a series of provocative, ritualistic performances entitled ‘Relation Work’, which explored extreme states of consciousness and their relationship to architectural space.

Exciting young Italian artist Elisa Sighicelli presents Untitled (The Party is Over) (2009), in which fireworks explode against the night. Edited in reverse with a hypnotic rhythm that induces daydreaming, this video could be the depiction of a journey in a time machine.

Andy Warhol‘s Blow Job (1964) is a masterpiece of the complexities of voyeurism and duration. The 36-minute film shows a young man apparently receiving oral sex, the head and shoulders are tightly framed; and the actor is still, almost vacuous.  Occasionally self aware, his primary expression is one of boredom. Off screen space must be imagined by the viewer.

(Fri 13 May | 6-8pm | admission free)

Ecstatic launches on Friday 13 May, 6-8pm, with ULTRAVIOLENCE I, a new commission and live intervention from Companis. This thoroughly immersive experience aims to assault the senses using fluorescence, intensely coloured light, sound and gesture. Marvel at the surreal, edible landscape and adorn yourself in white, if you dare!

(Sat 04 June |  5-7pm | admission free)

They Are Here presents Reflections on The Stendhal Syndrome, a psychosomatic condition that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to art, usually when the art is particularly beautiful or a large amount of art is in a single place. Taking Graziella Magherini’s text The Stendhal Syndrome as a starting point, collective practice They Are Here will present testimonies and gather video evidence of this condition which they will present alongside a selection of related readings.

T: 0121 766 7876 | E: | | Click here for directions

VIVID gratefully acknowledges support from Arts Council England and The Bond Company.

Museums at Night 2011

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Friday 13 May 2011 | 6pm – late

Museums at Night 2011 sees hundreds of museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites unlock their doors for special evening events over the weekend of May 13-15 and Eastside is no exception!

Join VIVID from 6pm for the launch of ECSTATIC (13 May – 18 June), a visual and sensory season of moving image works and intervention exploring heightened emotions and altered states. ECSTATIC launches with ULTRAVIOLENCE I, a live intervention from Companis; a sly nod to Burgess’s coinage in ‘A Clockwork Orange’, ‘to do the ultra-violent’, the new work will be an intense yet playful experience as inhabitants of the exhibition space interact with coloured light and fluorescence. Adorn yourself in white, if you dare!

Elsewhere, Eastside Projects opens Narrative Show & Poster Club with a free public event from 6-8pm and Grand Union presents an exhibition produced throughout six-week programme SEARCH ENGINE from 12-8pm, including a talk at 6pm with SEARCH ENGINE artists and project curator, Marialaura Ghidini.

From 9pm, we join with our We Are Eastside comrades (7 Inch Cinema, Capsule, Eastside Projects, Fierce Festival, Grand Union, Ikon Gallery, and VRU) to bring you CAKEOLOGY - a late night Eastside fundraiser where rave meets the W.I. – expect T.99 and Tombola, Bizarre Inc. and Bunting, Acid House and Apple Pie! DJs include Greg Bird, Jock Lee and DJ Gershwin. Cakeology takes place at VIVID and tickets are £4 in advance, available here.  

Join us and show your support for arts in Eastside!

VIVID | 140 Heath Mill Lane | Birmingham | B9 4AR
T: 0121 766 7876 | E: | 

CAKEOLOGY – Friday 13 May, 9 till late, VIVID

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Twenty years since the final come down from the Birmingham Rag Market Rave, We Are Eastside presents CAKEOLOGY. Join us following exhibition openings at Eastside Projects, Grand Union and VIVID for RAVE & HOUSE from DJs Jock Lee, DJ Gershwin and Greg Bird. Revisit the old skool. Expect W.I., bunting, booze and cake.

Presented as part of Museums at Night 2011.

Eastside Projects Opening: Narrative Show Friday 13 May 6-8pm Free Public Event

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Opening: Narrative Show & Poster Club
Friday 13 May
Eastside Projects


Helen Brown, Dora Garcia, Nathaniel Mellors, Jonathan Monk,
Heather & Ivan Morison, Raimundas Malasauskas, Apexa Patel,
Sally O’Reilly, John Russell, Henrik Schrat, Jemima Stehli,
Plus: FREEE & William Pope.L.       & …

14 May – 9 July 2011 (Act 2: 15 July – 10 September 2011)

More Information

Eastside Projects: Curators’ Introduction Thursday 12 May 6:30-8pm

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Curators’ Introduction: Narrative Show & Poster Club
Thursday 12 May
Eastside Projects

Free to Members or £4/£2 Concessions

Gavin Wade introduces the new exhibition at Eastside Projects: Narrative Show.

Featuring: Helen Brown, Dora Garcia, Nathanial Mellors, Jonathan Monk, Heather & Ivan Morison, Raimundas Malasauskas, Sally O’Reilly, John Russell, Henrik Schrat & Jemima Stehli,
Plus: FREEE & William Pope.L.

Second Gallery: Poster Club

Extra Special People

Eastside Projects

Eastside Projects: Self Assembly TONIGHT 6:30-8pm

2011.05.05 | 0 comments

Self Assembly
Thursday 5 May
Eastside Projects

ESP members are invited to pitch ideas for Self Assembly Salon events to the rest of the group over a bowl of soup at this informal, social event. Pitches might be for a one-off event or a series of Salons.

writing for education

If your idea is successful you will be supported by ESP and Eastside Projects as you organise and host your event/s, giving you the opportunity to start conversations, make connections, hear about particular aspects of practice or explore ideas that you are interested in.

To book a ‘pitch’ or find out more email

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